Moving a car to the new address can be challenging and a complex one if the destination is far away and we at Leo packers and movers understand that Car is something very personal and of great affection to the owners . Even a slight mistake can cause damage to the car but we ensure a hassle free move of cars that is much easier, cost effective and risk free.

If you have more than one car to move, then it multiplies the complication a number of times more. If you are moving to a different state / country, which is beyond the driving range, you may not think about taking your car along with you. We at Leo packers and movers offers customized solutions for shipping a car and help you to choose the best option. Our car moving experts know how to handle them and so they pay special attention to your car. Whether it’s a sports car or a big SUV, our car experts will move them safe and sound. Our movers will study your requirements and give you economical rates and flexible options.

The cars are picked up from the customer’s residence / office after preparing a car condition report & delivered to the final destination after revalidating the origin car condition report without compromising on the schedules & timelines.

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